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The science of losing weight is at basic level extremely easy. It is essentially a numbers battle. If there are more calories going in than the body needs, then you simply will gain weight. Unfortunately, the application of this in our busy day-to-day lives makes this equation hard to get right.

Our world is full of grabbable unhealthy food, this coupled with the increase in sedentary lifestyles and labour saving devices has seen the UK reach number 1 in Europe for obesity. We are constantly bombarded with articles in magazines, newspapers and online telling us what we should and shouldn’t be doing. The trouble is, a lot of the information can be conflicting and confusing. This is where the EWMC can help as we take the mealtime indecisiveness away. Questions like “what can I eat, how much can I eat and when should I eat it” become a thing of the past. We take the client’s exact nutritional needs and in conjunction with the Cambridge Weight Plan which is one of the most well respected, long standing weight loss organisations and form a personalised plan to get Its products are formulated by top medical professionals and are used in alignment with the NHS and Diabetes UK. We have designed a revolutionary 6-step system that will drop body fat quickly, safely, and most importantly you will gain the nutritional knowledge to keep it off for good! The EWMC can also help with your activity and exercise requirements, with tailored routines to compliment and accelerate your weight loss, whilst improving muscle tone and overall health. This could range from simply increasing the number of steps per day to full gym routines. Don’t worry if exercise isn’t your thing, as although it carries many benefits it is not essential to weight loss. Losing weight can be a sensitive subject so rest assured that every aspect will be taken care of in a private professional and kind manner but most importantly, in a way that gets results! ‘Lets get the body you deserve ‘