Full Rotation Ltd

Design and Animation

Stand: 80
Block E
Street: Vooware street
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20 King Street
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0333 577 8060
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Twitter: @fullrotationltd
Facebook: @fullrotationanimation

Full Rotation is a small collaborative design and animation studio, created from freelance 3d animator / artist and 2D motion designer David Mattock.  After freelancing for 9 years in various studios in London and a gaining a good client base it was time to expand.   Now working with a small creative team and having made relationships with trusted artists we can manage multiple projects but delivering a personal touch of working with David.  Some of the products we offer are:

2D and 3D animated explainer videos

Corporate videos with motion graphics and animation

3D modelling and animation for online marketing videos, broadcast and commercials

Every project is bespoke to you and your target market audience,