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IMSM is a world leader in supporting businesses to improve their efficiency and profitability through ISO certification.

ISOs (or International Standards) are woven into our lives as a trusted symbol of quality.  You come into contact with ISO standards on a daily basis without even realising it.  Hundreds of signs and symbols cross language barriers to communicate important messages, from your credit card number to the stop signs in the road.

Our approach to ISO certification is based on a set of key principles:

  • We operate a fixed fee structure. ISO implementation is priced at a fixed rate from day one. No hidden charges, no unexpected invoices.
  • The flexible nature of our ISO implementation is designed to fit around your business requirement and schedule.
  • IMSM guarantees that the highly qualified and trained Assessor assigned to work with your business will be the same throughout the process in order to sustain continuity.
  • Implementation of the ISO framework is based on your organisation’s existing systems. We simply look to improve the systems currently operating.
  • We provide full implementation and aim to ensure that your journey to ISO certification is trouble free.

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