The Donkey Sanctuary


Stand: 245
Block F
Street: North Street
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The Donkey Sanctuary
Slade House
EX10 0NU
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01395 578222
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Twitter: @DonkeySanctuary
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Since 1969, The Donkey Sanctuary has given over 18,800 donkeys and mules sanctuary for life in the UK and Europe and there are currently 6,800 animals in the charity’s care, including 1,700 in our Rehoming Scheme.

Further afield, over a million donkeys are within reach of international projects where teams work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of sick and injured donkeys through mobile clinics, community engagement and education partnerships with donkey owning communities. The Donkey Sanctuary supports projects in 35 countries worldwide. The Donkey Sanctuary reaches out to those in greatest need through provision of permanent refuge and veterinary services to alleviate their suffering.

The Donkey Sanctuary also provides donkey assisted interactions for children and adults with additional needs and visits to care homes in the local community from centres in Belfast, Birmingham, Ivybridge, Leeds, Manchester and Sidmouth.