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Stand: 146
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5 Barnfield Crescent
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01392 964012
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Unleashed Web is a team of professionals led by founder and internet expert Martin Shelton. The team have skills covering web design and development, branding, copy-writing, ecommerce websites with Magento, digital marketing and marketing consultancy. Martin has been creating websites professionally for nearly 20 years.

They use their broad range of skills to create business growth for their clients. When a client comes to Unleashed Web they are usually seeking to solve a business issue; they may be launching a new business, and need to gain brand awareness very quickly. They may be seeking to sell online for the first time, they may be entering a new marketing, or addressing a new audience. Often they will be seeking to gain an advantage over their competitors. Unleashed Web solve these issues, and create business growth, by creating a tailored package of services to meet their individual needs.