Via Colour


Stand: Block F
Aisle: Block A
New Business Zone
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Via Colour
The Innovation Centre
University of Exeter
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0845 805 1080
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Twitter: @vanessacobb
Discover your inner fearlessness to achieve anything and free yourself to enjoy the success, happiness and connectedness you desire.

Via Colour is a unique way of seeing problems, exploring possibilities and eliminating emotional resistance to success.  The more we have at stake, the more prone we are to struggle with frustrations, inner conflict, doubt and fear of failure.  When these feelings are suppressed, they tend to re-emerge at the most inopportune moment and can wield a hefty blow against our confidence, at the very moment we need it most.


The Via Colour process has helped hundreds of people to accelerate achievement of their goals.  This technique has been tried and tested for over 15 years with a host of different leaders – men and women just like you: Business Owners, CEOs, Directors and Managers from Private, Public and Voluntary Organisations.  Leaders have built outstanding teams and created meaningful and lasting changes in their careers, business results, personal relationships and professional performance.