Here is full programme of events for the day:

1000 The South West Business Expo 2017 Opens

1015  Seminar 1 - Sponsored by Westcountry Appointments
ActionCoach - Steve Gaskell
Title: Unlock the full potential of your team

1020 Workshop  1 - Sponsored by Universal Office Solutions
Exeter Leukaemia Fund, Alison Upton
Title: Making Good Business Sense from Charity Relationships
This workshop will explore the steps to take in developing mutually beneficial charity partnerships

1030 Cookery Demo 1 - Sponsored by Natwest and Worldpay
Marcus Bawdon, Country Wood Smoke, UK BBQ Magazine and UK BBQ School

1045 Speed Networking Session 1 - Sponsored by Wessex RFCA

1115 Cookery Demo 2 - Sponsored by Natwest and Worldpay
Richard Valder - @Angelas Restaurant

1100 Workshop 2 -  Sponsored by Universal Office Solutions
Investors in Feedback, Guy Arnold
Title: Herding Cats: How to manage and benefit from customer reputation in the age of social media and online reviews
We are all aware how social media and online reviews have empowered our customers: we’d like to have some more control over it, and find ways to reliably make sure what’s said about us online (and offline) is enhancing our reputation ... and not destroying it.

1125 - Seminar 2 -
Sponsored by Westcountry Appointments
James Hammersley, Good Growth
Title: World Chat: Accelerating growth through transforming digital marketing
This is a case study in transforming returns in digital marketing investment and website performance. If you have a reasonable sized digital marketing budget and invest in the digital channel, you would want to come along to this to get a better return.

1200 Cookery Demo 3 - 
Sponsored by Natwest and Worldpay
Jim Fisher, Exeter Cookery School

1140 Workshop 3 - Sponsored by Universal Office Solutions
Taurus Clearer Communications -  Ollie Jackman, ICT Consultant
Title: Eggs & Baskets
Discussing the merits of streamlining your technology supply chain and avoiding no-man’s land.

1235 Seminar 3  - 
Sponsored by Westcountry Appointments
Nigel Botterill - Entrepreneurs Circle
Title: The 7 Secrets you need to know to transform Your Business and Your Profits

1220 Workshop 4 - Sponsored by Universal Office Solutions
Aquamarine Media - Alona Kemmett
Title: How to Make Your PPC Sing
Learn best practice, and how to achieve great results, through PPC campaigns.

1300 - Speed Networking Session 2 - Sponsored by Wessex RFCA

1315  Cookery Demo 4 - Sponsored by Natwest and Worldpay
Petroc Catering Students Fish Demo

1345 Seminar 4 - Sponsored by Westcountry Appointments
Dave Barr - thebestof Exeter / South West Business Expo 
Title: Marketing and Advertising is like throwing your cash in the bin, right?
This seminar will address the issue most business owners with regards to marketing and advertising, they just don't know how to understand if it is working and feel like they are just throwing their money in the bin! Dave will give you lots of ideas and suggestions to help drive your business forward. You will laugh, you may cry but you will go away with good ideas that you cannot believe you have't done before!

1330 Workshop 5 - Sponsored by Universal Office Solutions
Winning Tenders, Ian Smith
Title: Small Businesses CAN win large contracts

1400 Cookery Demo 5 - Sponsored by Natwest and Worldpay
Richard Valder - @Angelas Restaurant

1410 Workshop 6 - Sponsored by Universal Office Solutions
South West Cyber Security Cluster (SWCSC) and Police SW Cyber Crime Unit
Title: Surviving a Ransomware Cyber Attack on Your Business
A ransomware cyber attack can cost you your business. The loss of critical business information and computer services coupled with customer reputational loss is expensive, perhaps terminal. Every business with an Internet connection is potentially vulnerable. It’s more common than you may know but the risk can be minimised.
The Police will discuss a SW company experience of a ransomware attack and SWCSC will walk you through exactly how it occurs and how to avoid your business becoming a victim.

1445 Cookery Demo 6 - Sponsored by Natwest and Worldpay
Jim Fisher, Exeter Cookery School

1450 Workshop 7 - Sponsored by Westcountry Appointments
East Devon Law - Ian Hunt, Principal Lawyer
Title: How to prepare for the unexpected
Planning for business succession- how to continue what you have built up for the future?

1455 Seminar 5 - Sponsored by Westcountry Appointments
Julian Tagg,Exeter City Football Club

1500 - Speed Networking Session 3 -  Sponsored by Wessex RFCA

1600 The South West Business Expo 2017 Closes


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