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Secure Transcription Services


Please visit our stand (187) to find out how we can support your business in 2018.


Appen is a leading provider of digital, audio and video transcription in the UK, offering a range of transcription services with expertise in secure transcription solutions and official record transcripts. We provide transcription services for investigations, witness interviews, meetings, court and formal hearings. We can help whenever you need an accurate transcript record of what has been said.


Our services include:

Audio & Video Transcription: used for investigations, meetings, formal hearings and focus groups

Note Taking & Summary Services: ideal for HR meetings, or anytime when a recording isn’t available

Translation & Language Services: access to over 180 languages

Copy Typing and Data Entry: free up your staff to our detail-orientated team

Data Collection & Annotation: for machine learning and artificial intelligence

We work with Government departments, police forces, coroners, councils, law firms, HR teams, compliance and audit teams to provide high quality transcripts securely.