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Topsham Road
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Telephone: 01392 202 012
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Backworld is the Southwests premier supplier of ergonomic office chairs, desks and accessories. In our Exeter showroom we have products from RH, Ergochair, Hag, Varier, Comfort Global and others.

We also stock recliners from Conform and Tajoma.

We spend a lot of time in our chair so getting one that fits properly is crucial.

You wouldn’t walk one mile in the wrong size shoes without experiencing all sorts of pain and discomfort, yet few people consider size and fit when selecting a chair, which is going to be with you for a lot longer than a pair of shoes!

At Backworld we undertake a thorough seating assessment and recommend product that fits the user. We can also meet clients at work for a full DSE assessment. This improves comfort, wellbeing and therefore productivity. Proper seating should be considered an investment, not a cost.

We also have in stock a number of posture supports which can help people overcome various types of discomfort. We’re looking forward to Exhibiting at the South West Business Expo.

We’ll be bringing a number of chairs for people to try . Come and visit us at stand 52 and discover what a good ergonomic chair can do for you. In the mean time, have a look on our website for more information here