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We are Benenden Health

Benenden Health were founded in 1905 with the purpose of people joining together to help pay for medical care for when they might need it. This remains our core purpose today. We still exist for the sole benefit of our members and remain a not-for-profit society.

The original mission was to help provide treatment for postal workers suffering from Tuberculosis (TB). Today, our mission is to help regular hard-working people avoid the worry and complications that waiting on the NHS can bring.

Our only passion is to improve the quality of our members’ lives, as it always has been. Today we have over 800,000 members, tomorrow we aim for many more. Our vision is to be the UK’s leading healthcare community, making life better for all our members and wider society by taking the strain off the NHS.

Why you may not have heard of Benenden Health before?

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of Benenden Health before when we’ve over 800,000 UK members and have been going for 110 years – it’s because we only opened our doors to the general public since 2012.

Prior to this membership was only available to civil servants and Post Office workers. This means you too can now take advantage of Benenden Health. And we’ve recently made some significant improvements so we’re shouting about our simple, smart, affordable healthcare alternative as part of a national advertising campaign so more people are aware of the benefits of membership.

When you’re ill, you don’t want to wait

Especially when you don’t know what’s wrong with you, but for many of us costly private health insurance just isn’t an option.

Benenden Health is not insurance.  Through membership we complement the NHS by offering speedy access to private healthcare when there’s a wait.

Find out how our discretionary healthcare works and how we can offer an affordable alternative to health insurance on our website


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