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People are the backbone of any successful business, so it’s important that yours are happy, healthy and motivated. Yet employee health problems and stress can quickly lead to:

  • Costly short and long-term sickness
  • Low staff morale
  • Reduced productivity
  • High staff turnover
  • Mistakes and customer dissatisfaction


While you can’t prevent employees from becoming unwell, our three-staged approach to employee wellbeing helps minimise the impacts of these issues, without the high costs typically associated with private medical insurance.

It includes:

Healthcare for Business that can help reduce employee health issues escalating, and mitigate anxiety, by providing a 24/7 GP and Mental Health Helplines, physiotherapy and convenient access to private diagnosis, treatment and surgery when the NHS can’t help in a timely manner.

– Convenient on-site Health Assessments that can help employees identify any health risks before they escalate, with personal actionable health reports that help keep them fit and well.

Health Cash Plan that’s a cost-effective way to reward employees by helping them out financially on routine healthcare costs.

We have over 800,000 members and over 110 years’ experience of working closely with employers and employees – so we know what works for businesses.

Find out how we can help your business by visiting us on stand 123, visiting our website, calling us on 0808 115 3726 or emailing


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