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Stand; 59 Block D
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49c Lakeside Drive
Plymouth, Devon PL5 2SP
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Telephone: 01752 546462

For over 10 years, Brightology has been helping businesses across the country to use their technology better by providing training for all skill levels in Office and productivity tools. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU. We understand that nobody really cares about spreadsheets and how they work, or the latest whizzy widgets in presentation software. In our experience the majority of training providers offer a one-size-fits-all approach to their courses – if the course content does not suit your requirements, that’s too bad. We understand that what you really care about is the sense of satisfaction, achievement and confidence that comes from mastering the IT tools you use every day in your business – the time those new skills can save you and the enhanced results they bring your business. AND THAT IS WHY OUR TRAINING IS DIFFERENT. All our courses are bespoke to your needs – you tell us what you want and that’s the course you will get. All our trainers are fully qualified with many years experience of delivering high quality courses that get results! We don’t offer dry, run-of-the-mill technology stuff that bores everybody stiff. Instead we deliver engaging, interactive training workshops that focuses on helping you get more done, in less time, with fewer headaches – because we understand that’s what you and your employees really want.
EVERYTHING IS IN PLAIN ENGLISH. There is no benefit in teaching something if the learner cannot understand it. So we are great believers in plain English and strive to deliver everything you need in a language you understand – some technical terms are always needed, but these are fully explained. And by focusing on what your employees really want, ultimately we give you what your business really needs: