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Telephone: 01626777400
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Business Lists, Business Database services and whole business GDPR support and help.

Corpdata telephone research accurate and detailed B2B lists connecting our list users to people in other businesses most likely to buy. Telephone research allows validation and the detail needed to target good prospects more effectively. Furthermore our telephone research methodology makes Corpdata lists GDPR safe to use, so future proofing your direct marketing. So our lists help you target the right people and are safe to use.

Corpdata has been a business list owner and mailing list provider for over 25 years. We know about business data and database marketing. As a leading mailing list supplier we understand legislation and its impact, so we understand GDPR and what you’ll need to do to make sure you avoid problems; not only with your direct marketing but with every aspect of how your organisation might collect, store, use and or pass on personal information.

If you need practical support with GDPR, perhaps a little, maybe a lot just ask about our division, Dept 679 and how we can offer you practicable affordable help to get your business GDPR compliant and keep it that way.