Dads Hideout

Phone repair service

Block D
Street: Vooware Street
Company Details
30 Jubilee Road
kingsbridge, devon TQ7 3SL
Contact Details:
0792 526 2561
Social Media:
Twitter: dadshideoutuk
Facebook: dadshideoutsw

I first started repairing phones when my son first smashed his in 2011.

I repaired his and found that there was a need for this in the area. I’ve been doing it ever since.

I had a full time job and 2 children it was more of a hobby repairing the phones.

Since then the business has grown and so has the family.

My aim is to provide a cost effective and accessible repair service, i work 24/7 (as long as im awake) providing a service tailored to the working lives of people today. Smashing prices for your smashed phones.