Dirty Martini Marketing

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Stand: 198
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1 Barnfield Crescent
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Telephone: 01392 911 056
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Facebook: dirtymartiniexe
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A daringly disruptive marketing agency

We’re a friendly, independent marketing agency providing brand, creative and digital services to businesses, brands and actual human beings.

We create things that get seen, heard, shared and talked about, reaching audiences and driving revenue to businesses.

With a wealth of marketing skills and resources at our fingertips and with a holistic, yet brutally honest approach, we engineer new ways of attracting and securing revenue from both new and existing customers.

We drive ourselves to exceed expectations and deliver cutting edge marketing solutions and experiences that are affordable, memorable and above all, deliver tangible results.

If we increased your website enquiries by 359%, what would that do for your business?

Let’s chat more on stand 198… we’d love to meet you face-to-face!