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Water Compliance is required by Law under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and for Business to comply were they have water on their premises. They will require by Law Risk Assessments and Training for Legionella Control. Eplus Global Ltd provide Complete Water Services Compliance and have over 80 years collective experience in helping clients conform. We look after over 1000 water contracts from Hotels, Hospitals, Healthcare to Shops, Caravan and Camping sites, infact any business that has water used or stored on its premises. We run local training for those who have responsibilities in H&S for Legionella Control (Duty Holders & Responsible Persons) to help business decide on how to tackle there responsibilities. Whatever you need to do to control Legionella we can do it for your Business. Eplus Global are a family run Business serving England based in the South West. Our Legionella Risk Assessments can provide cost-effective solutions to minimise the risks that waterborne pathogens present to your work place in a proactive way. We undertake the following services for the control of Legionella and provide peace of mind to our client’s safe in the knowledge that Eplus Global is providing full protection against Legionella.

Legionella risk assessments in compliance with the Care Quality Commission and the HSE ACOP L8 Thermostatic mixing valve servicing, cleaning and remedial works, Upgrade of plumbing installations in accordance with the HSG 274 PART 2 Clean and disinfections to CWS Tanks and Calorifiers, Water hygiene monitoring in compliance with the HSG 274 Shower head descale, disinfection and cleaning Pseudomonas UKAS water sampling from Augmented care units Legionella UKAS accredited water sampling Legionella Awareness Acredited Training in accordance with the HSE ACOP L8 Water sampling from the domestic water system, spa baths and swimming pools Silver and copper Ionisation