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Finding your edge coaching is designed and moulded around any individual, team, or organisation thus creating a bespoke delivery for that audience.
Few understand, that there is not a single model or fixed workshop that is a one size fits all. When considering people and more importantly the cultures and environment in which they work or live, it is crucial to have an awareness of this and adapt accordingly.
Find your edge coaching delivery team predominantly derive from a background where accountability, grit and integrity were paramount.
We are motivated by a deep desire to sustainably improve people’s ambition and performance, identifying how to find relevance, purpose and contribution to the team.
Our team have worked alongside England football and Gareth Southgate. Professional footballers Harry Kane, Raheem Stirling, Tom Heaton, Dele Ali, Jack Butland, John Stones, Wayne Bridge.
We coach amongst a wide demographic of professional sports, including Manchester United, national league football teams, professional rugby and combat sports.
We currently are one of two lead providers for HSBC, training over 3,500 staff members nationwide, whilst directly mentoring and strategically advising several national directors.
Find your edge coaching work within an abundance of industries including finance, national brands, vehicle manufacturing, construction, and SME businesses. Penguin business recently acquired rights to our book, Commando Mindset, set for release May 2020.
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