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Quality marketing for Rural Businesses by Rural People

Flame marketing was created from my passion for the countryside and rural communities. I found my calling in business and specifically marketing.

However, as I looked to pursue my career through university, I quickly discovered a lack of support, services and research within this important industry for rural businesses, I was shocked by this especially when considering rural spaces have the highest density of small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

I knew then that I had found my place, the place where my passion for my home could meet my passion for marketing and could also help the communities, I have grown up in.

I created Flame Marketing for all these reasons. We strive to provide the most up to date and impactful marketing services at affordable prices and with a keen understanding of our client’s customers and community.

We are a marketing agency created specifically with rural spaces and customers in mind, we understand the struggles faced by our clients whether that’s the slow internet, the Dawlish train line being closed yet again or being late for a meeting cause the cows needed to move fields. We understand because this is our home too and we want to make your business the best it can be so our home can flourish just as your business can with our help.

We have chosen farmland over glass boxes, we drive 4x4s not BMWs, we wear boots not heels, and we know how to handle a stuck sheep.

flame marketing

We are a marketing agency created specifically with rural spaces and customers in mind