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Jurassic Fibre was established in 2018 to build state of the art fibre to the premise (fttx) networks across the South West of England, starting in East Devon and ultimately serving 350,000 premises in Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

Why Fibre? All our lives are being transformed by the internet.

The data we use has grown without pause since the days of dial up and the days when 1Mb/sec was a dream. And no end is in sight. More television is now watched by internet than anything else.

And as we continue to stream more programmes at higher resolutions (HD, 4K) to more screens, demand will only continue to grow even before we layer on the internet-of-things. Forecasts show UK data consumption rising on average by 21% every year to 2022 and by 31% every year at “busy hour”, when most of us actually want to go on-line.

Only fibre can meet this challenge and future proof communities and businesses for the 21st Century.

Jurassic Fibre has raised substantial funds from Fern Trading Ltd, advised by Octopus Investments, to build and operate a fibre-to-the-premises network across the South West of England.

We are planning to invest over £250m into building a fibre network in Devon, Dorset and Somerset, passing over 300,000 homes, making gigabit speeds a reality.

Phase 1 of the project due to be rolled out between Exeter Airport and along the A376 corridor to Exmouth, in late 2019 and 2020.



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