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The World’s First Portable Lightbox Display System

Make your brand stand out from the crowd with a PIXLIPGO lightbox display stand.

From greater stand engagement and increased brand impact, to flexibility through configurability, and system sustainability through longevity, when you buy a PIXLIPGO lightbox you buy a system that delivers time and time again.

lightbox display system

Whether you start with a standalone lightbox, one of our amazing kits, or build a custom lightbox system to meet your particular needs; we have a lightbox for you.

Join the countless businesses that are making an impact with PIXLIPGO and start building your lightbox system today.


PIXLIPGO is a fabric lightbox system designed and developed by PIXLIP – a Germany based lightbox creator. PIXLIPGO is the world’s first portable lightbox display system made impact resistant, recycled plastic.

A lightbox that demands attention wherever you show it; simply push fit the lightbox frame together, connect the LEDs, insert the fabric and plug it in – job done!

lightbox display system

For quick assembly and dismantling, no tools are required to build a PIXLIPGO lightbox, and all components are packed in a practical carrying bag

About Clip..

PIXLIPGO lightboxes are distributed in the UK by Clip Ltd. Clip was founded in Bristol, UK in 1979 with 3 simple objectives:

• Make our clients’ life more simple

• Maximise our clients’ budget at their live event

• Make our clients stand out from the crowd

40 years on and not much has changed. We’re still passionate about delivering winning solutions for our clients – albeit it with new technology..

With experience and expertise in designing and building award-winning exhibition stands, Clip will give your brand gravitas and exposure within the exhibition hall.

lightbox display system