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Image Consultant and Personal Stylist

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42 Honiton Road
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Telephone: 07834 454 493
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Maggi Green is an independent Consultant and Personal Stylist, my passion is to educate people on how to look good, feel confident and become more successful.

The clients I deal with, are looking to improve or change themselves in some way within their personal and/or professional lives.  This could be for a promotion, dating, interviews, tv work, presentations, upgrading their professional status, networking, award ceremonies and more.

My job is to help build confidence, provide guidance with theory and practical sessions on how to look, appear and come across in a positive way.

My core focus is to help organisations and individuals on a –

  1. One to one basis
  2. Small and large workshops

When dealing with individuals, my aim is to ensure that my clients fully understand their personal brand – expressing within their Image, who they truly are and how they wish to come across to others.  This work is very personal and can help tremendously with self-esteem and well-being.

When providing bespoke workshop trainings for organisations, there are many ways I can help, depending on their needs.  This could be :-

  1. A) Preparing for interviews
  2. B) Self-esteem
  3. C) How to look professional
  4. D) You as a brand
  5. E) First Impressions
  6. F) Professional pitfalls
  7. G) Mastering professional dress: corporate colour combinations, styles that flatter
  8. H) Maintaining impact

What I tend to see all the time is companies spending huge amounts of money on marketing, but totally missing a trick on themselves.  My workshop focus is helping organisations and individuals aline themselves together, ensuring that they belong to each other.  The results are huge, having a more professional team, an excellent representation of the brand, that is more cohesive and looks perfectly put-together.

If you/and your team would like to learn how to:

  1. A) Look confident and make a positive impact in front of your potential clients.
  2. B) WIN more clients, opportunities and successes

Then come and see me at EXPO.  I will be providing lots of exciting imagery on who I have helped and hearing about their successes and offering discounts on the day.

Please have a look on my website for further information