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Surprise gift giving platform

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Magic Gifts is a Surprise gift giving platform, easy and quick to use.

Have you ever wondered how much time you waste a year looking for a perfect gift for someone?

UK official statistics show that at least 13 hours 23 minutes are spent looking for ONE perfect gift…now multiply this number by the amount of gifts you buy each year! Just think of how much time you could be using to do something else or nothing at all.

After doing market research, by testing our strategy to find a perfect gift which matches the recipients personality, we can confidently say – we are good at it.

Our success rate is 88%. This is better than the 71% of people (included in the survey Rakuten 2014) who were reportedly unhappy with their gifts.

This means that you will have an extra 49% chance that the recipient will like the gift if you choose Magic Gifts instead of doing it yourself.

We have 20 years of experience studying and living within different cultures of the world which has brought us into contact with many different personalities and we use this experience to choose perfect gifts.