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Support & Compliance Services

Stand: 222
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MSS House
Gladames Place
Ocean Park
CF24 5RE
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Telephone: 0845 260 2626
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MSS Group create and maintain clean, safe and secure environments

When you’re running a business, the last thing you want is disruption. That’s why MSS Group structured our business and our way of working to fit as seamlessly as possible into your operations. We always put the needs of your business first.

That makes us different from most providers of support and compliance services. It means we find solutions to problems before they happen. It means we give our teams better, closer supervision. It means you get more reliability, more support, more ideas and more flexibility. You get a personal touch.

When you start working with MSS Group, we’ll look at your business’s needs and design a solution that works for you. Once it’s in place, we’ll monitor it to make sure it stays ahead of changing circumstances. Above all, we’ll listen to your feedback and act on it – fast.

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