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As your coach I will work with you, your team, or an individual in your organisation to reach a specific target or objective.  I do this by offering targeted support and challenge and creating a focus on what has to be achieved and how this will be done.

Executive Coaching – Many senior executives work with a coach to help explore new ideas and to gain perspective on situations which may be difficult to share within the management team. I will help you identify your priorities and act as a confidential sounding board for your thoughts.

Guided Coaching – Clients will usually come to coaching with their own goals.  In a work environment an employer may have already identified and agreed specific areas for development with the employee. Guided coaching is when these development areas are used to form the framework for the employee’s coaching sessions. For example, an employee preparing for a new leadership role may  wish to develop skills such as giving constructive feedback, delegation and managing professional relationships.

Personal Professional Development – If you are self employed, or lead a small business it can feel like you are constantly juggling lots of different jobs.  You may end up working on everything from sales to accounting.  This can be a very lonely role and this can lead to overwhelm and stress and your valuable time is wasted wondering what to do first.  A coach can help maintain focus, direction and support.

‘In house coach’ – You may benefit from the support of  having a coach on site on specified days each month. This enables several team members to be coached on the same day.  This is a cost effective way to maximise the potential of the team, particularly during times of organisational change.

The Coaching Process

I can work with an individual, a team, or a company. Every client has a unique requirement. I believe that understanding the culture of an organisation is important.

I will work with you to understand what challenges you face and what you would like to achieve either as an organisation or as an individual.

If you are hiring a coach on behalf of someone else in the organisation, I would also like to meet the ‘coachees’, before putting together a proposal outlining how I feel that the required objectives could be delivered.

As in any professional relationship, it is important that trust and respect are established.  I will ensure that you are comfortable with the coaching process and with any potential challenges that may be made to your current thinking.

Coaching sessions will usually be 2 hours in length.  Each session will begin by establishing what the expected outcomes are from that session and you will leave with an action plan to help you move towards that objective.  These actions will usually be completed before the next session.

Embedding new ways of thinking or new behaviours can, in practice, be challenging for some clients and  you may have questions between our scheduled meetings. I am happy to respond to e-mail and telephone queries as appropriate, to support you with any challenges that you may have.

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