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We can all have a hand in reducing our environmental impact โ€“ each and every one of us need to take responsibility for our personal environmental footprint. By these means we can effect major change, but firstly the mind-set of the each individual has to change.

Starting with small things such as purchasing re-useable coffee cups, switching off lights when leaving the room, our actions all have tangible effect, the plain truth being that itโ€™s never been so important for each of us to do our bit, each and every day.

As a consumer your purchasing decisions give you direct influence on our future. Selective spending allows you to pick businesses as committed as yourself in helping save our planet for our children and future generations.

proud to be green

Proud to be Green is here to help you find green businesses, products and services.

Proud to be Green is here to encourage and help businesses green up, and to show them the commercial advantage in being green.


proud to be green