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Primarily supporting small and medium sized businesses across the South West, Rebel HR provides HR and Leadership support for those who genuinely care about their people.

So if you’re feeling rebellious, want to humanise your workplace and ensure your business is a force for good when it comes to your people; get in touch.

All Things HR

I’ll let you into a little secret… After 20 years in the world of HR, the solution to every business challenge will be found through your people.

We excuse bad behaviour in the working world by saying ‘it’s just business’. However, business is all about people, no? Whether it be your customers or your workforce. Every time we cut a corner or rush ahead blaming the ‘needs of the business’ the unintended consequences are irreparable damage to the trust and confidence of these people have in us. This leads to us having to work even harder to win these people over.

People are capable of amazing things when we treat them like adults; when we are open and honest & most of all, trust and believe in them.

Energetic, progressive, strategic, empathic and values driven leader.

Focused on developing People and Business strategies designed to create, maintain and evolve your culture to deliver your business goals in the right way.

When you know your people are how you build a successful business and that the solution to most business challenges come from your internal team; enabling, respecting and trusting them ensures great & sustainable results