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The competitive approach to making you more from your energy opportunities

Your Starting Position

As independent energy consultants, Roadnight Taylor will work exclusively for your benefit. Our unique approach is pro-active, thorough, professional and competitive. From the start, we ensure:

  • Your property or capital works at its hardest
  • You get the best deals from the best developers and operators in the market
  • You avoid the many pitfalls of an unregulated environment

Stop/Go Study

A generation or storage scheme will need grid connection rights, and may need planning consents, favourable lease terms, the right generation or demand profile, sufficient budget, and an appropriate return on investment.  Our initial stop/go assessment quickly establishes if a scheme is viable and ensures:

  • You don’t waste your time and effort on unviable sites

  • You identify your own feasible sites ahead of other competing sites

  • You are investing wisely


Competing Technologies

Many generation and storage technologies can vie for inclusion in a scheme. Several factors determine which technology is the best including local grid connection costs and constraints, the site’s attributes, each technology’s technical attributes, and the market conditions for each technology.

We are technology-neutral and entirely objective in our approach to technology selection. We ensure that:

  • Your investment (land, property or capital) will deliver against your objectives

  • You are protected from technology fads, received wisdoms and misselling

  • You are investing wisely


Competing Scales

Size matters. The scale of a hosted, self-funded or energy service company (ESCO) scheme is critical to its success. Over or under-sizing any technology can constrain financial performance or make it unviable. We consider every feasible capacity and connection voltage. Our modelling, grid intelligence and insight into market conditions ensures:

  • You are protected from misselling

  • You will maximise financial performance

  • You are investing wisely


Competitive Marketplace

Developers, installers, ESCOs, aggregators and other parties that support complex schemes are all commercial. They will be out to get themselves the best deal or best returns and will not necessarily act in the best interests of the landowner.

We will put each element of your scheme out to competition among the best developers or providers. We will have secured grid rights and sized the appropriate technology, so each provider will be competing for a defined opportunity. You can then compare “apples with apples” when deciding which provider to choose.  This highly competitive marketplace ensures:

  • You achieve high revenues

  • You can achieve the best scheme at the lowest cost and best value

  • You enter into contracts with only the very best parties


Positive Outcome

Our approach is underpinned by a wealth of experience and by relationships with the most robust and credible parties who can make your scheme a success. Our competitive process is supported by a proven and successful legal framework that puts our clients in control throughout. This ensures:

  • You have peace of mind when carrying out high value transactions

  • You achieve or exceed your objectives

  • Your scheme(s) will perform better than those of your peers or neighbours


Have a look on our website or contact us today to find out how we can help you maximise your energy opportunities.

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