Subskills Training

Subskills Training

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At SubSkills Training we show you How to Present and use your Subconscious Skills to gain confidence, build your Professional Presence and gift others what they need so you get what you want.

We teach Communication Secrets behind how Hypnosis, NLP, Mesmerism, Mentalism, and Metaphysics work for you to Influence.

Introducing the NEW R.i.P.C.

You’re a professional business owner, entrepreneur, executive, leader who doesn’t have time, then Rapid intensive Pro-suasion Coaching is what you need.

As someone who has a wealth of knowledge and understanding; you want to create an impact, leave a legacy and continue to capitalise on that, carry on giving and, build a sustainable future for you and your family.

To do that you want to UP YOUR GAME.

We’ve been helping people do that for nearly 20 years.

Let’s Talk and see if we’re a fit.

Led by Jonathan Chase, “Britain’s Leading Performance Hypnotist” Mail on Sunday


Subskills Training