TaxPayers’ Alliance

The Grassroots Campaign For Lower Taxes

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55 Tufton Street
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Telephone: 020 7998 1450
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The TaxPayers’ Alliance is the UK’s grassroots campaign for lower taxes and cuts in wasteful government spending.

Founded in 2004, we have evolved into a unique organisation with a dedicated staff whose rigorous research and eye-catching campaigns ensure that the voice of the taxpayer never goes unheard.

We have played a major role in changing the political debate and our pioneering work exposing government waste has increased accountability across Government.

We have fought off some damaging threatened tax rises, and achieved growth-creating tax cuts that prove our restless campaigning can change policy for the better.

Our work has been recognised with a number of awards, none more prestigious than the worldwide Templeton Freedom Award, presented by the Atlas Network in 2013 for “exceptional think tank achievement” for our Single Income Tax plan for tax reform.

Our research – in areas as diverse as local government spending, taxation, foreign aid and trade union funding – has informed the public debate since our inception, and will continue to set the agenda.

In the media, we constantly remind politicians that there is no such thing as Government money, only taxpayers’ money, and that they have duty only to take what they need and to spend it wisely, effectively and efficiently. Together with our nationwide activist base, we will continue to do so.