Jane Latham the Family Business Lawyer

Family Business Lawyer

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7 Greenland Mills
Bradford on Avon
Wiltshire BA15 1BL
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Telephone: 01225 287516
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“Family businesses have unique challenges that need special expertise…”

Whether the business is owned by a single-family member or several family members, Jane Latham is the business lawyer who can help.

Specialising in family businesses for over 20 years Janes unique approach and expertise enable her to understand the family dynamic, wheedle out and pre-empt the issues and bring the right solutions to keep the family AND the family business secure –.

In particular she helps with:

Business Contracts & Trading Agreements Shareholder Agreements
Partnership Agreements
Buying or Selling a Business

Family Members Working in the Business Divorce-proofing the business
Passing the family business to your children Unblocking emotive issues

Conflict in the family business
Letting Go/Time to Retire from the family business… Protecting the family business on death

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The specialist business lawyer for family owned businesses.