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We are classic motorcycle investment brokers.

It has become THE new tangible asset, just like art, classic cars and fine wine.

The Motorcycle Broker is a bespoke end to end classic motorcycle investment service. We work out how much you wish to invest in this tax-free tangible asset which is increasing rapidly in demand. We understand which machines you love and will provide the highest return.

We source your investment grade example, prepare it correctly and deliver it with a due diligence file proving that your machine is one of the 8% in the market which is investment grade.

The Motorcycle Broker

1974 MV Agusta 750S

While you own your motorcycles we add value by featuring them in our videos and have them featured in Classic motorcycle magazines, as we are journalists for those magazines. Prior to delivering your machines, we take video footage and road test pictures.

Then when you want to sell your machine, we do it all for you from our website in a calm way, so you don’t have to deal with buyers or auction houses.

Classic motorcycle brokerage is the stress-free way to invest safely in this upcoming asset class.

The Motorcycle Broker is a complete end to end service.

We were recently featured in the FT How to Spend it magazine

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