Thoughtful Host


Stand: 273
Block A
Street: Viridor Street
Company Details
Heatherton Park Studios
Bradford on Tone
Somerset TA4 1EU
Contact Details:
Telephone: 01823 461311
Social Media
Twitter: @HostThoughtful
Instagram: @thoughtful_host

Architecturally designed and energy efficient, the Host building at Heatherton Park Studios, Bradford-on-Tone is a new venue and centre offering a range of spaces for hire, hands-on workshops, events and conferences.

The Host venue offers three contemporary rooms; all technically advanced, private and confidential, along with flexible and bespoke hire packages to meet the needs of its guests – including state of the art technical equipment and an array of catering options. Between the rooms the break-out spaces also create opportunities to reflect and guests can enjoy the permeant art collection, rotating exhibitions, a comfortable mezzanine with soft seating and, outside, a field (2,000 steps around the perimeter) and a climbable ancient oak tree.

Host shares the building with the architects who designed it and the Art Restorer, and building owner, who was brave enough to commission it; creating a professional and creative atmosphere. Rurally located, but less than 5 minutes from the motorway and just 2 hours from London by train, the venue offers good accessibly and plentiful free parking coupled with open space and 180 degree views of the sky.

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