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Toftech Limited
The Boat Shed
Michael Browning Way
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Telephone: 01392 660 608
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Facebook: Toftechweb
Toftech was formed in 2010 by Chris Toft. Originally located on the opposite side of the world in beautiful Sydney, Australia.
Today, situated in the bustling and ever-growing city of Exeter, the business relocation in 2015 saw the company transition to UK Limited Company status.
In the last three years our business has transformed. Now managing the outsourced technology services for several UK companies. Toftech have been involved with the likes of Amazon and have built and deployed enterprise grade systems for several other large UK blue-chip companies.
With a focus on your business infrastructure, finding solutions which will reduce your costs, protect your data and increase your systems productivity. Toftech work with your business, acting as your full service I.T. specialist.
Are you looking for expert advice or a specialist that will cover your technical services and save your company money? Contact Toftech on: 01392 66 06 08