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Park House,
10 Park Street,
Bristol BS1 5HX
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Telephone: 0117 325 8320
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Trade with Europe is a business founded by husband and wife team Marcus and Mareike Broix. We have been offering services for British companies and private individuals for two decades. However, our business model gained an incredible momentum with Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

If you would like to take your future into your own hands and proactively seek the best way of trading with Europe and the world, we might just have the concept you are looking for. Our main operating base is Bristol in the UK but we also have an office in Düsseldorf. Germany is where our virtual offices and the majority of our professional advisors and service providers are based.

If you are looking at offering services via a legal EU business address, then a German base would be our recommendation. If you are selling goods, we can supply innovative fulfilment services suited for your needs in nearby Roermond, Netherlands. Here we can also provide legal EU business addresses to trade from.

All our professional and private experiences now seem like a road map leading us to this current assignment. Long-term cooperation with expert partners allows us to transform complex and complicated arrangements into something structured and simple.

As a result, we focus on seasoned solutions – just like an old-established restaurant that built its success on selected specialities.

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