Ursula Maria Bell

Systemic coaching for businesses

Stand: 243
Telephone: 07859 277357
Systemic coaching, constellations and facilitation for businesses, start-ups and individuals.

I am happy to offer now in Exeter a completely new, very effective, time and money saving business coaching service.

Does this sound familiar? You sit and talk about your question or problem for days, spend a lot of money and time and at the end of the day it is a matter of argument and opinion, but still the question is not answered.

The systemic coaching and constellation approach works on a completely different level. It opens up another field of information that goes beyond the rational mind and accesses what really needs attention in the system – which is your company.

It gives you as a manager or a management team the necessary tools and information to make well-founded decisions that have a positive and sustainable effect on your company and the people working for you.

Visit me on Stand 243 (Vospers Street) to get to know me personally and learn more about my service.