Westcountry Rivers Trust

Environmental Charity

Stand: 274
Company Details:
Rain Charm House
Kyl Cober Parc
Stoke Climsland Callington
PL17 8PH
Contact Details:
Telephone: 01579 372140
Social Media
Facebook: WestcountryRivers
The Westcountry Rivers Trust is an environmental charity working with landowners, fisheries and local communities throughout the South West to conserve and enhance rivers and water for the benefit of all.

We are a charity working to restore and protect the rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas for the benefit of people, wildlife and the local economy.

These places inspire and sustain us, they make us happier and healthier.

They are steeped in history and they hold the key to all of our futures, but they are too often overlooked and so we need to celebrate them, promote them and protect them. Rivers bring water to life.

By working with local communities, businesses and other environmental organisations the Westcountry Rivers Trust work to bring our lost and forgotten rivers back to life so that they can once again play their vital role in all of our lives.

west country rivers trust