Business Development

Change Your Paradigm – Transform Your Business – Momentum Systemic Business Improvement™

SWBC Business Support Theatre 14th November 2018 1030 - 1100

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Ashley Bookman

Momentum works with clients to significantly improve their operational performance, leadership capability, employee mental health and profitability.  We use a unique systemic approach which accounts for the fact that all of the above are inextricably linked.  We consistently demonstrate that by changing even one significant aspect of the business all other aspects can be positively improved.

Momentum shows companies how to move beyond changing their structures, processes and systems to deliver a step change in the collective attitudes and behaviour of the people that operate within the organisation.

During this session you will receive the key levers to game change your business:

1. Increase revenue and become a supplier of choice

2. Build collaborative partnerships through successful negotiation

3. Employ a happy, engaged and motivated workforce