SWBE Contract

SWB Expo Contract

Please fill in all the details below, to enable us to get you set up on the SWB Expo Website as an Exhibitor and so that we can set your business up on our internal systems.
  • Business Information

    For internal use only
  • Accounts Contact

    For invoicing purposes only, so that we can send the invoice to the correct person to enable payment within 7 days, as per the terms of conditons
  • Public Information about your business

    Please note this is the information that will be put on your exhibitor information page on the SWB Expo.
  • Displayed on your profile page on the Expo website
  • Please provide 200 - 300 words describing your business, what you do and how you can help others.

    This information goes on the website, if don't have anything your profile will be very blank! Include info about what you will be promoting at the Expo and or any exclusive offers available on the day the more words provided up to the max of 300 the better for the SEO of your profile.
  • This information will be shown on your exhibitor profile page
  • As part of our social media promotion of you being at the expo, we will tag you in tweets about the expo.
  • Company Profile
  • Stand Information

  • If you know the stand number you are booking please add here, if you don't know please put TBC. We need to know the name by Friday 2nd November.
  • This is the business name that you would displayed above your stand.
  • Uniquely our stands include everything you need apart from a table or a table cloth. All stands are priced at £125 + VAT PSQM.

    Corner stands and premium locations will incur a minium of £50 or 10% increase in price.

    You will have a full shell scheme stand (not just space) 1 500w power supply is included and 2 spotlights, 1 stand name board, carpet, full SEO friendly business profile, massive social media promotion, exhibitor badges, show guide and discounted food and drink throughout the day
  • Uniquely our Mirco Stands includes everything you need apart a table cloth and lights.

    These stands are perfect if you have a bespoke stand prebuilt or just want a space to display your roller banners and includes 1 x 6ft table, carpet, full SEO friendly business profile, massive social media promotion, exhibitor badges, show guide and discounted food and drink throughout the day.
  • Please select your table you would like on your stand. We advise for a 3m x 1m stand a 4'6 table and for 3m and wider stands we advise a 6'ft table. Please note we don't supply a table cloth (Poseur tables do come with a cloth due to the shape) It is your responsibility to order any tables you require as there will be no extras on the day. Only 6ft tables left.

    You can order more than one table if required.
  • We will be producing a Digital A5 expo guide, which is sent to all delegates before the expo, so they can read about the expo. All Exhibitors will be a given a print copy.
  • Promote your business, stand location, offer etc. adverts rotate all day around general delegate information, there will screens throughout the expo
  • There will be 4 locations throughout the Exhibition Hall, with a soap box and a megaphone, you will be given up to 10 minutes to address the surrounding area about your business, your expo promo etc
  • A banner can be placed on the road into the Expo, to advertise the fact that your business is exhibiting at the Expo. You need to supply a banner up to 4ft wide and 1.5ft high. There are only 10 spaces available.
  • We provide 1 500w socket and 2 spotlights on each stand included in the price. If you require more sockets or are running equipment that requires more power like coffee machines you need to select a 3000W socket.

    Please note Micro Stands don't come with power or spotlights.
  • If you would like to speak in one of the theatres at the Expo (not the keynote theatre), this is your chance. Each slot is 30 mins plus 5 mins Q & A. You will have access to a screen and PA.
  • New for November 2018 - we are having a Virtual Goody Bag instead of plastic goody bags full of print. The Virtual Goody Bag will be emailed to All registered delegates before the expo and after the expo. Each business taking a slot will need to provide an image, the offer/promo and 3 lines of text.
  • On Expo day you can set up your stand from 0730 until 0915, or you can come in the day before from 1500 until 1800.
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    All for an annual investment of £199 + VAT!
  • First NameLast NameEmail 
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    The SWB Expo has a private LinkedIn Group so that we can share updates, news and information include invitations to the next Expo events we are running. This is also a great place for you to share knowledge, ask for advice and promote your business to the group. Please supply the name(s) of the people you would like us to invite to this group.
  • Please note

    If you are undecided of your exact requirements for your stand, you can contact us on 01392 349 130 to advise of any amendments. Your amendments need to be received no later than the 26th October 2018.
  • Please advise of anything else you would like here:

    This is for internal use only. This person will be notified about SWB Expo updates, events and expo news.
  • Payment Information

    The 3 monthly direct debit payment will cover the payment for the stand itself only. Paying by DD will incur a £20+VAT admin fee (unless you are a SWB Hub Member - see above) and will be charged with any extras such as tables, additional power, adverts etc will be invoiced separately.

    Please note that the DD payment can only be set up for businesses booking their stands 3 months before the Expo or earlier. After that time the other payment methods are only accepted.
  • For Credit Card Payment Only

    If paying by Credit or Debit Card, please complete the following section. Once payment is made you will receive a payment receipt and your details will be destroyed.
  • Signature

  • Thank you for completing the South West Business Expo Contract. We will now process this and forward an invoice to you. You are entering into a contract with ourselves, this is legally binding and payment will be required within 7 days. As soon as payment is received you will be added to the SWB Expo website.

    Please can you forward your logo and up to 8 images (product, services, staff, offices etc) in high resolution. We can work with PDF, TIFF, EPS,  JPG etc. By signing below, you agree you are fully authorised to carry out this order and that all the details are correct and that you abide by our Terms and Conditions. Applications will not be processed if any details are missing.